Classic Hog Roast

Whole Prime Hog Roast (with head removed)

  • Crispy Crackling.
  • Homemade Stuffing.
  • Apple Sauce.
  • Other condiments available, just ask.
  • All in a large 5” Bread Roll, or if you prefer a Small Baguette or a Stottie.


A full Roasted Hog will serve a minimum of 80 guests and it will have enough Pork to provide “seconds” for most and we as a matter of course always bring many more Rolls than the number we are asked to cater for. The more guests the bigger the Hog we roast and we can serve up to 180 people from a large 65kg Hog.

Examples, 80 – 140 guests £650, for larger parties over 140 and up to 250 we charge £5 a head for every guest over the 140 quoted above.

We will supply parties of 40 – 60 with Roasted Legs of Pork, they will still get the same delicious crackling as on a fully roasted hog but at a more affordable price.

Example, 50 guests. We will send 2 Full Legs of Pork and there will be enough meat for the 6 dozen Rolls we will supply. One member of staff to carve and serve, disposable plates and serviettes, cost will be £300.

Add up to 3 delicious freshly made Salads and Buttered New Potatoes for only an extra £3.00 per head.

Our suggestion is; Homemade Coleslaw, Mixed Salad, Tomato, Feta Cheese and Red Onion Salad. However please feel free to ask for an alternative option if the suggested Salads do not appeal. We supply larger plates and also disposable cutlery for the Salad options.

Our standard Vegetarian option is a Vegi-Burger made with Potatoes and Vegetables, we serve this in the same 5” Bread Roll and have a Chutney as the accompaniment. Again however this is only our suggestion, you may wish to offer your non-meat eating guests some thing different, please ask for other options.

Other Meats:

A Whole slowly Roasted Lamb, Beef Joints, Turkey Crown or Roast Chickens anything is possible, just ask when you call us.


Fancy a BBQ??

Elite Hog Roasts offers an unbeatable BBQ.

Excellent Burgers and Sausages for a tasty range of BBQ favourites.
Add as an extra to the Hog Roast meal or as the main food, you friends and relatives will love them either way.